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JxFileWatcher 1.0 Release Notes

posted Oct 26, 2010, 6:47 AM by Unknown user

JxFileWatcher 1.0 contains fixing of problems in file and events filtering that were found in EAP version.


There are several limitations that will be removed in one of the next versions of JxFileWatcher:

  • Watcher does not work for a folder that contains more than 10 000 files (Platforms: Mac OS X).
  • JxFileWatcher does not handle the situation when a watched folder is unmounted at runtime (for example, when you watching for events of a removable (flash) drive). (Platforms: all).
  • JxFileWatcher does not support hard links (Platforms: Linux).


Your ideas about improvement of our new library are welcome. If you want to have support for another platform of your choice, just let us know.