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Installation Instructions

Installing Library JAR File

JxFileWatcher JAR file should be placed in the application class path.

Note: If your application already uses JNIWrapper library, we recommend using JxFileWatcher without JNIWrapper code inside (jxfilewatcher-<version>.partial.jar).
In this case you will need to have license files for both JNIWrapper and JxFileWatcher libraries.

Installing License File

The JxFileWatcher library requires valid jxfilewatcher.lic license file. Visit TeamDev site ( to purchase the product or get the distribution package with embedded evaluation license.
The bought License file has to be installed in the META-INF subfolder of any jar library from the application's classpath. Note: you will need to remove the evaluation license from the META-INF folder of the jxfilewatcher-<version>.jar file. To replace the evaluation license with bought license you can use the following Ant script:
    <jar jarfile="jxfilewatcher-1.2.jar" update="true">
         <zipfileset file="<path>/jxfilewatcher.lic prefix=META-INF"/>
Warning: Do NOT rename the license file or it will not be recognized.